YouShape Month

2 February 2019

Since 2014 The Scout Association has adopted an ambitious strategy enabling the Movement to be shaped by young people working in partnership with adult volunteers. As part of that plan, YouShape month was launched to encourage young people to make more decisions, shape their own programmes and take on leadership roles.

For example, after some instruction, Scouts can plan their own route for a hike, Cubs can show what activities they like best by drawing pizza slices of different sizes or, by voting in a Log Chew, Beavers can help decide what games to play each week. Taking this to a higher level, with time and support, Explorers can organise whole meetings and events for themselves, enrol as Young Leaders to influence the younger sections and become the voice of young people on committees at Group, District, County and National level.

Ingleborough Youth members will have plenty of opportunities to try similar activities all month.