New of Lockdown Activities

3 June 2020

Recently, not only have Settle youth members been busy but their executive committee has also held a very successful meeting using Zoom to keep the governance ticking over, too.

The Beaver teams have shared lots of ideas for ‘Scouting at Home’ including working towards their Gardener and Pet badges. As the roads are quiet, one Ingleton Beaver collected lots of rubbish including crisp packets, tin cans, sweet wrappers, plastic milk bottles and baler twine, as well as half a mud flap from the verge! Others have raised money through the Hike to the Moon project and weekly clapping for carers has continued.

Settle Cubs have been given weekly challenges, such as building a bridge using a cereal box, camping in a homemade tent or den, growing a plant from seed, making a paper aeroplane to see how far it flies and even making their bed for a whole week! One keen Cub has so far managed four nights sleeping in his den and is hoping to achieve a full week.

Settle Scouts have been growing sunflowers, lighting fires, making camp gadgets, finding tinder and cooking beans on toast on an open fire. Keeping youth members interested and awarding badges is an excellent way of maintaining the mental health of youngsters so well done to all the Settle leadership teams.