Ingleton Beavers Join the Digi World!

10 March 2019

Ingleton Beaver Leaders have recently teamed up with Ingleton Community Library to deliver an exciting two-night programme of digitally based activities in the library to help the Beavers complete their Digital Maker Badge.

Having chosen a book to read, each Beaver designed a suitable bookmark using a simple and inexpensive Raspberry pi-TopCEED desktop computer provided by North Yorkshire County Council. Beavers also had the opportunity to programme a micro:bit, which is an open source piece of hardware designed by the BBC for use in computer education. Having completed a simple coding exercise, the Beavers were fascinated by the patterns of flashing lights that they had created on the micro:bit. Finally, several Beavers joined the library and existing members borrowed books so that they can complete the Reader Badge. The success of the initiative shows how useful it is to work in partnership with the community as both parties gain from the sharing of skills and equipment, as well as the favourable publicity.