Crack Open the Champagne!

4 March 2020
Champagne glasses. Vector illustration

It was cheers all round when news came through that the District application for a grant of nearly £10,000 from the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority’s Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) for the refurbishment of the District kit store had been successful. Professional work can now start on replacing the roof of the former weighbridge, along with the renewal of the electrical wiring, followed by other maintenance jobs. The executive committee is very grateful to the Yorkshire Dales National Park for the financial support offered to the ‘Operation Overhaul’ project as it will enable them not only to improve the store for present day Scouting but also, by extending the life of a building of historical interest, it leaves a legacy for future generations of Mealbank Quarry users. What’s more, the Heritage Officer will be available to give advice and approve all the work.

For more details, go to Once the contractors have completed the work, there are many volunteer jobs to be tackled, e.g. carpentry, painting, assembling shelving, transporting kit back from storage, etc., to get the store back into full operation.

If you are able to help with the these, or you know of others who would be willing to help for a few hours, send us a message so appropriate working parties can be established to complete the tasks without delay.

Let’s get the youngsters back on the fells and in the fields enjoying the great outdoors as soon possible!