Challenging Times

2 April 2020

For members of The Scout Association now is the time to remember their duty to others and Ingleton Scout leaders have certainly risen to that challenge over the last couple of weeks.

When the Ingleton Parish Council and IRCA Covid – 19 Response Team were formed, the Ingleton leaders offered their services as volunteers and they were quickly given the job of delivering flyers to the outlying communities and caravan sites of Thornton and Westhouse. Armed with sanitiser and plastic gloves, they grabbed their Scout hoodies and neckers, and peddled off, keeping a good distance apart, to help others. Apart from one curmudgeon, who hadn’t realised that they were a Scout team with a mission, the leaders were greeted with waves, smiles, thumbs up signs and lovely comments like “great job” and “many thanks”, which was so rewarding.

With one successful task under their belt and an enlarged team including Explorer and Network members, they were then asked to deliver a second set of flyers to spread the news about a village Friendly Call Service which has been set up to combat loneliness.

Well done, an excellent example of Scouting supporting the community!