Beaver Sleepover

31 May 2019

From the minute they arrived, the Beavers were kept busy with a huge range of activities including making their own packed lunch, designing a T-shirt and packing their day sack for a walk to the park where they enjoyed a picnic and playtime on the swings.

In the afternoon, as well as a long walk, the Beavers conquered their fears by lighting a small fire. Toasting marshmallows over altar fires safety manned by the Scout leaders, generated much fun, as did creating pizzas and decorating a cupcake for tea.

To round off the day, the youngsters watched a DVD before snuggling into their tents which had been pitched in the hall. The next day, after more fun activities, the Beavers finally waved goodbye to the wonderful team of leaders who had put so much effort into giving them a weekend to remember.

Congratulations go to District Beaver Scout Leader, Gemma Tyrie, who subsequently gained her Indoor Nights Away Permit.