All Fired Up!

2 April 2020

Before the lockdown, Ingleton Cubs were invited to tour round Bentham Fire Station. Thanks to Tom Haigh who sent the following report:

“It was a dream come true for many of the Cubs, as well as the leaders, as they were allowed in the back of a fire engine! We had a discussion about what we thought the fire service do – not just rescuing cats in trees and putting out fires would you believe! We learnt about all the different pieces of kit the engine carries, and what they do with it during car crashes, fires and floods! We heard stories of rescuing horses from Chapel le Dale in the recent floods, as well as other ones about chickens, cows and more!

As we made our way through the back of the engine where the firefighters sit, one of the leaders had a shock when she touched some of the breathing apparatus and the alarm went off! Luckily for her it was a callout rather than her breaking it! Sadly, though that meant the end of the tour. We did get to see how fast the firefighters got ready, before being left alone in the fire station. This gave us the chance to invest our latest Cub in, hopefully, a memorable place! We have been invited back so we can finish our visit, and, with any luck, play with some hoses! Our thanks go to all at Bentham Fire station for letting us visit!”