What do Cub Scouts do?
In 2006 we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Cub Scouting so Pack programmes have obviously stood the test of time. Young people come along wanting fun, adventure and friendship so the Cub Scout Programme has been developed to meet the needs, likes and abilities of young people. Leaders provide an exciting range of activities for Cub Scouts based on seven Programme Zones which include: –

  • Outdoor Scouting
  • Fitness
  • Discovering the World Around You
  • Beliefs and Attitudes
  • Caring and Community
  • Creative

Cub Scouting is based on fun, getting on with others, involvement in activities, keeping the Promise, personal development, working together and taking responsibility. Cub Scouts can take part in Joining In Badges, Challenge Badges, Activity Badges, as well as Group Awards and the Chief Scout’s Silver Award. All of these are designed to cover a wide range of each of the Programme Zones, which are delivered through a variety of fun and active methods including indoor and outdoor activities.