In 1997 Beaver Scout Sleepovers were introduced as an optional activity designed to give Beaver Scouts a taste of the more adventurous nights away boys and girls would experience in Cub Scouts and Scouts.

What do Beaver Scouts do?
The Beaver motto is “Fun and Friends” and so they take part in a huge range of games, sports, challenges, visits, badges and awards covering a wide range of topics such as Information Technology, Swimming, Science, Pets, Cooking, Crafts, Music etcetera. To ensure a variety of activities suitable for everyone, Beaver Scouts take part in activities from five Programme Zones which ensure a young person experiences a balanced programme.

These are:

  • Exploring the World Around Us
  • Learning about Yourself
  • Getting to Know Other People
  • Discovering Creativity and Practical Skills
  • Discovering Beliefs and Attitudes