How did Beaver Scouting begin?
Scouting has always evolved so following the success of Scouting for younger children elsewhere, it was decided in 1982 that Beaver Scouting for 6 – 8 years olds would be introduced on a trial basis in the United Kingdom . As with each step in the history of Scouting, demand was high so in 1986 the first new Section in 40 years was officially launched.

Who runs a Beaver Colony?
The Beaver Scout Leader and Assistant Leaders make up the adult team responsible for a Colony. It’s their job to deliver a busy Colony programme but we are always looking for additional Helpers, Young Leaders, Skills Instructors and parents/carers to help with particular activities on a regular or occasional basis. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us via the link on the Home Page.

Where can I join a Beaver Colony?
In Ingleborough District there are Beaver Colonies in Settle and Ingleton. Here the demand is high so if more volunteers could be recruited, Colonies could also be re-started in Bentham and Long Preston where they have existed in the past.